The Captain does it again!!

Great examples from the House of Dior in 2008.  Probably not to everyone’s taste, but hey, who cares, to see these gorgeous fabrics combined with amazing accessories to produce these imaginative results, you have to admire the creator’s daring!! A recent scan of YouTube reveals many more equally ambitious designers ready to inspire us to the next level of fashion consciousness. Bring it on I say!!!

Happy Year of the Water (or Black) Snake!!

…………and in keeping with the spirit of community and camaraderie predictions which follow our snake’s return after 60 years (the last time we celebrated the Year of the Snake was back in 1953!!) we’re going to credit all new accounts with a 1000 Loyalty Point start to the new year!!  That’s a $25 kickoff to your next pair of shoes!! So get in there, Create An Account, buy a pair of shoes (or boots), or both!! and get a $25.00 discount at checkout!! Or you can hang on to your points and save them for the next time the snake raises its head!!  Just fill in your details and leave the rest to us. Happy New Year!!!

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Black-Snake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shag Dancing

Shag Dancers

Shag Dancers (Photo credit: Angels Gate)

Never heard the term ‘Shag Dancing’ till today when I received an email from a friend with a video clip showing two youngsters doing this dance. And, naturally, whenever someone sends me something interesting I have to Google it!! Fascinating stuff Shag Dancing. There are apparently over 100 Shag Clubs in the States according to the article I was reading  Star City Shaggers Yet another great way to keep fit?  Check it out and see what you think.  Shag Dancing

Stock Update – Delight 609


Size 9 (AUS Size 7 – 7/12) – Limited Stock
Sizes 12, 13 – Out of Stock


Sizes 11, 12, 13 and 14 – Limited Stock


Sizes 5, 11,12,13,and 14 – Limited Stock
Size 6 – Out of Stock


Size 14 – Limited Stock


Size 13 – Limited Stock


Size 12 – Limited Stock; Size 13 – Out of Stock